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This masterclass gives you an unfair cheat code to BIG RESULTS

The people that know about the power of Tiktok ads will tell you that an opportunity like this doesn't come around often. If you have ever struggled with getting sales, gaining customers, and scaling your brands, this masterclass will turn it all around for you.

In this masterclass, we uncover the secrets behind TikTok ads. Using our experience of spending 6+ figures on the platform across various clients in different industries, we will teach you what it takes to see success. We teach from the ground up, so even if you haven't run ads before, you will be able to get some insane returns for your adspend.

TikTok ads are mind-bendingly cheap and seriously effective

CPMs on Tiktok are still hilariously low. This is because most businesses still haven't caught on to how effective TikTok Ads can really be.  And you should take advantage of this.

Even with the extremely low ad costs, TikTok ads on average convert better than Youtube and Twitter ads and are up there with Instagram and Facebook. The native video platform allows you to get your message across at a fraction of the price.  

Our Students Win...

Use This Step-by-Step Masterclass to Leverage TikTok Ads and See Epic Profits

Scaling with TikTok Ads

Launching campaigns is the easy part. Scaling campaigns is something only seasoned TikTok media buyers can do. 

In this module, we will teach you the specific scaling strategy that really makes campaigns profitable at high spends. Scaling on TikTok is very different than any other platform, so we teach you the unique approach that delivers results.

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We start you off with the right fundamentals. This module teaches you how to make the most out of TikTok Ads and this course.

Fundamentals & Setup

At Linx Digital we love to recognize the great work and successes our students achieve with our courses. Here are some of the recent recipients of our Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. The bronze award is awarded to any student that generates over $100,000 in revenue using the media buying techniques in our courses. The silver is for students who generate over $1,000,000 and the gold award is for the special students that generate over $10,000,000. With this course, our goal is to see you with one of these awards.

What's Inside

Account Structure

Module 2 goes over the optimal account structure needed for success. Also covers the various campaign objectives and ad types.

Conversion Tracking 

Before you can run any ads you need to install proper conversion tracking. This module demonstrates how to do that specifically for the TikTok pixel.

The best way for you to get comfortable launching campaigns is by showcasing several live launches. This module is all about action and setting you on your way to launch profitable campaigns.

Launching Campaigns


Finding your ideal client on TikTok is the most important aspect of any campaign strategy. This module will teach you how to zero into your audience with ease and preciseness.

Re-marketing is where you will see massive returns for your ad dollars. In this module you will learn to create effective remarketing campaigns.


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