How to Scale Your YouTube Ads to 7 Figures and Beyond...

Step by Step YouTube Ads Training and Hand Held Coaching 

Setup Your First Campaign in Less than 3 Days
(Even as a first time media buyer)

Script and Produce 7 Figure Video Ads
(Without Expensive Production)

Scale to $10,000/Day+ in Spend Profitably 


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Leverage the power of Youtube Ads and Increase Traffic, Generate Higher Quality Leads & Convert Them Into Life-Long Customers.


I Run a 7 figure Youtube Ads Agency ...

Clients: I've worked with clients and industry leaders in several niches in the digital space. We have generated positive ROAS for companies in servicing Info Products, Coaches, E-commerce Products to Courses. 

Coaching: This is the training that I use to train the staff on my team to bring them up to speed on Youtube Ads. That means you are getting frontline knowledge. 

Experience: I have been in the online marketing space for 8 years. And have personally been running Youtube ads at scale for the last 5 years.

Meet Your Instructor: Shash Singh

Frequently Asked Questions



A. Yes, we'll be frequently updating the training program and your current purchase will include future updates.

Do I get access to future updates when I buy the training program now?

A. No. The current price is at a massive discount so we can get quick feedback and build momentum.  As we keep improving the quality of the training program, the price will likely double. 

Will the price stay the same?

A. The current training program covers everything you need to do well with YouTube Ads.  However, we will add new information as updates happen, and also dive deeper into very advanced concepts.  

What future updates will you add to the training program?

A. Both.  For beginners, there are in-depth tutorials showing where the various settings are, which is great for helping you get started. It's also great for advanced  YT Ad buyers as there is information in here you won't find anywhere else that we've learned from over 7 figures of ad spend.  There is also a detailed case study where you see how we turn a losing account around, and help Jonny Bradley get a 5x ROAS.

Is this for beginners or advanced students?

Sneak Peak Of Whats Inside:

Module 1:


In this introductory module, students will learn about youtube ads from the ground up. You will learn (over the shoulder) how to set up your first youtube ad and how to launch it.

Module 2:


In this introductory module, students will learn about youtube ads from the ground up. You will learn (over the shoulder) how to set up your first youtube ad and how to launch it.

Module 3 to 8:

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Over 40+ Students have rated this course 4.9 stars on average

"I’ve taken a bunch of courses… but the difference in this training is the level of detail in this training. The info in the training is straight from his agency, the same agency that runs real campaigns for real clients. That’s what makes this so valuable. "  

  - PAUL

"[Shash] actually goes into an account and shows you what he’s doing in a day to day basis to scale a campaign, common mistakes, and so on. I’ve gotten incredible value so far. If you’re considering getting into YouTube ads, then absolutely get the training.”  



"I learned a lot of new things that I started implementing in my campaigns."


Went from spending 30k to 300k per month. Within my first year, we did about 1.5Million thanks to youtube ads

$1997+ Value

Private FB Group

You get Lifetime access to our "students only" Youtube ad buyers facebook group. In there you will find other students and expert media buyers, discussing the latest youtube ads strategies.

Included with your enrolment is access to our weekly coaching calls, where you can get support from the instructor and other Linx's Media Buyers

$4997+ Value

Coaching Calls

You'll have lifetime access to downloadable files to help you get results. We will also update the course every few months to keep it up to date.

$1997+ Value

Lifetime Updates

What Other Students Are Saying



"Training is phenomenal and has helped me land multiple accounts.  It's the most complete with the best content"


"Above and beyond the rest out there... the reason being that it's so technical and step by step."


"Launched my first successful campaign from day one, 2.5x ROAS.  The training was very easy to understand and follow.  Full of actionable step by step information."


Totally worth the money... Super in-depth. Far ahead of other facebook ads courses I have purchased

From an agency that has generated over $30 Million with YouTube Ads

Student Results

A. Linx’s Expert Coaching program is a 9 module YouTube Ads program with Live Q and A calls, a Facebook group with the Linx team and Shash, and is focused on one thing: to help you scale your YouTube Ads to the moon..

What is it?

A. If you are a business owner who’s doing $20,000/month in revenue or an agency owner doing over $10,000/month in revenue, you’ll be an excellent fit to scale your YouTube Ads with our step by step process.

Who is it for?